2018 Tracks


Daedric Lord Nocturnal, I Serve Only You

Nocturnal, I serve only you

An instrumental synth track utilizing the new Alchemy features in Mainstage 3. Daedric Lord Nocturnal, I Serve Only You. For I am not a werewolf and I am not a vampire of the night; I’m just a simple thief. I want to thank Nocturnal for her grace and her luck. This song is dedicated to you.

Anticipation for the Flames

The Lyrics

It’s so cold
I won’t mind
when I’m burnt
by the flames…
thrown into the pit

Here I wait
Here I sit
I’m waiting, I’m wondering
I want to die in a horrific way
I want to die today

I’m waiting, I’m wondering
When Death will reach
and grab ahold of me
It’s so cold
Cutting right
into the bone

Where Can We Hide When Our Defenses Are Down?

“Where Can We Hide When Our Defenses Are Down?” is a more complete demo compared to “The Grass is Sometimes Grayer on the Other Side.” However, in no way is this demo yet complete. For instance, the Synth Guitar will “probably” be replaced with a real guitar for live shows, an acoustic guitar could dampen the mood a bit more, and lyrics will be written and they will be meaningful. Enough said. Enjoy!

Update – Synthtron version available

Okay, so we had several legit complaints. A couple individuals were displeased with our choice of electric pianos. To please these individuals, we provided them with a synthtron version of the song.

Cyborg Cassowary hopes they and you enjoy the new version of “Where Can We Hide When Our Defenses Are Down?”.

An Ambient Demo Track composed with Violin Echos and iPad Apps

This is the third time that Kate and I got together and we recorded a very short ambient demo track. We successful composed it with Reverse Echo effects on the Violin with the Line 6 Echo Park meanwhile utilizing the Nlog Pro played via Soundprism Pro on the iPad. Currently, there is no title to the demo track recorded on July 5th. Therefore, the track will be called Demo Track July 5th 2014 until Kate and me reach a final decision on the title.

Instruments and Effects for Demo Track:

Kate on the violin with a reverse effect on Line 6 Echo Park.

Ryan playing Synth on the iPad. NLog Pro outputted the sound Panna found in Old Factory bank. The Panna sound was played in SoundPrism Pro.

Soundprism Notes

Nlog Pro setup