An Ambient Demo Track composed with Violin Echos and iPad Apps

This is the third time that Kate and I got together and we recorded a very short ambient demo track. We successful composed it with Reverse Echo effects on the Violin with the Line 6 Echo Park meanwhile utilizing the Nlog Pro played via Soundprism Pro on the iPad. Currently, there is no title to the demo track recorded on July 5th. Therefore, the track will be called Demo Track July 5th 2014 until Kate and me reach a final decision on the title.

Instruments and Effects for Demo Track:

Kate on the violin with a reverse effect on Line 6 Echo Park.

Ryan playing Synth on the iPad. NLog Pro outputted the sound Panna found in Old Factory bank. The Panna sound was played in SoundPrism Pro.

Soundprism Notes

Nlog Pro setup

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Ryan Hettler

Along with being a web developer, I play guitar and keys in Cyborg Cassowary.